Trading Your Bike For a Mobile – Can You Use Your Same Motorcycle Helmet?

With icy roads already a problem, many riders turn in their motorcycles for the winter. For some it is just too darn cold to race around unprotected from the wind. For others it’s just too dangerous. While your bike may not be a convenient means of transportation during the winter months, you could have some fun on a snowmobile.

Snowmobiles were originally intended as a reliable means of making it short distances for people who would get isolated after a snow storm. Their rugged structure and ski base makes them a perfect vehicle for braving both snow and icy conditions. Of course over time they also became a recreational vehicle, used by families to have fun in the winter. As their popularity grew, they became a part of winter sports events, mainly for racing.

Do You Need a Helmet?

While there are no laws about snowmobile helmets, as these are typically off road vehicles, you should still practice caution and protect your head and spine when riding a snowmobile. While snow looks like its soft enough to break a fall, ice isn’t and you never if there is an ugly rock hiding underneath.

mobileAre Motorcycle Helmets Acceptable?

Since the same basic head movements are involved with motorcycle and snowmobiling riding, a motorcycle helmet is acceptable protection when riding a snowmobile. You only may want to ensure that yours has a face guard to protect from the wind and cold.

If you typically travel with passengers, don’t forget to protect them too. There are women’s and children’s motorcycle helmets available that are specially designed to fit a smaller head. A motorcycle helmet that is too big could slide out of place and offer no protection to the passenger if you don’t make sure first that it is a good fit. Make sure you read reviews to get the absolute best helmet to protect your head, brain, and spine.

What Can Happen If I don’t Wear a Helmet When Snowmobiling?

The thing about head injury is that it is very unpredictable. Some people can hit a tree head on and walk away unscathed while others may get a concussion if you tap on the head too hard. There are too many variables to give a straight answer but the worse case scenario is death, followed by a coma or paralysis.

Head injuries also can take time to present themselves, getting worse inside of your brain as you continue to ride around on the snowmobile oblivious. Anytime you fall off of a motorcycle or snowmobile and hit your head, you should be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible, whether you had on a helmet or not.

Winter sporting events are getting ready to take off. If you are thinking about getting in on that fun with snowmobile racing, make sure that you and anyone riding with has their head protected with a proper fitting motorcycle helmet.

The Ducati

When people think of a motorcycle typically, they think of the Ducati bike. This motorcycle is widely associated with fast and furious youth. But is more then just a bike to show off with. This style of motorcycle has been around for many years. Ducati’s roots grew in Italy. But, not many people know the bikes are actually designed by a German company that also own Audi; the more you know.

Ducati also stands out for it’s engine. While most engines require oil and gas the Ducati is different. It is a dry engine and a totally different engine at that. With multiple cylinders it was designed to keep up in street races. That is the primary use of this brand. There are also several Ducati styles and they are a perfect bike for compact living as they don’t take up nearly as much space as a typical bike like a Harley Davidson. This particular brand seems to have stolen the show when it comes to a much younger generation. You can find them all over the streets around the East Coast and tend to be signs of prosperity and a symbol to show off with. One of the biggest differences with this brand is that it does not use a steel body frame anymore. The frame is now made with a lightweight carbon, cutting down on the overall cost of the bike. This bike is also simple by design because it is a simple four valve engine. A ducati may run you a pretty penny but with a simple engine, basic upkeep and classic designs some find the seventeen thousand dollar sticker worth it. The resale value on these bikes is also great. Through research it was discovered that on average a Ducati street fighter from 2010 can be close to fourteen thousand dollars new.  That is an amazing resale value. Even a very used bike can go for as high as five thousand dollars.

This bike style is associated with incredible danger though. The power of the bike, the lightweight feel of the bike; these are all reasons why more people get in accidents with this brand alone. With a little responsibility and a little awareness this motorcycle can be ridden just as safely as any other brand. It is a worthwhile investment and will bring you, the bike owner thrills for years to come.

The Bluetooth Helmet Discussed

The days of standard helmets are long gone and now everyone wants to be on the verge of cutting edge. The IS Max bluetooth helmet is one piece of equipment that really is cutting edge. According to many reviews this is a top of the line helmet. The best part about it is the ability to take calls from inside the helmet handsfree while on your bike, because, well, it is rather hard to take a regular phone call while on a motorcycle. This is great for those moments when you are stuck in traffic on your bike but still have to take care of business. Many say this helmet is very reliable for that one feature. A few seemed to have an issue with voice clarity but a product will never be perfect. Many also complimented the clarity through the shield. Having flawless visuals are important when on a motorcycle. A lot of folks also pointed out great the flip button was allowing easy air flow with this helmet.

Technology and innovation have truly come a long way. Now, you can remove the inside of the helmet and keep it clean. Which of course is always important if you are riding in a hot environment and tend to sweat a lot. This helmet also meets national transportation standards for safety. While it may seem rather pricey it seems to be average in comparison to many helmets that are on the market. This super lightweight helmet also comes in a few different colors so you don’t need to stick to just plain old black. Spice up your outfit with a bright red and even space grey helmet. One more thing, many people who purchased the helmet and continue to use it seem to have one thing in common. They all love how light this helmet feels, the durability and the practicality. Many people also noted that the visor provided enough protection that sunglasses were not needed. That is great, as sunglasses can actually get in the way when trying to lock a helmet. A helmet can not provide safety if it is not doing its job the right way. If you are looking for an affordable piece of equipment this may just be it.  Look good, be safe and multi-task with this one of a kind piece of equipment.