Is There a Smart Helmet on the Horizon?

Seems like everything is getting smart these days, your phone, watch and even TV are seemingly able to perform tech tricks by themselves. So why not a smart helmet? We already have Bluetooth equipped helmets, so we know the wireless technology is there to turn any head piece into a media center.

The first rule of motorcycle riding is to keep your eyes forward at all times, yet how many times do you break that rule when riding? You look behind you before changing lanes, you glance down at your speed or gas gauge, you may have even broken the cardinal rule and changed your playlist on your cell phone while driving along with your Bluetooth helmet. With the exception of the cell phone thing, there are reasons why knowing what is behind or next to you, or being shown on the gauge are important. But also require that your eyes are no longer on the road in front of you.


All of this changes with the Skully AR-1 helmet. This smart helmet puts all you need to know right on your visor in a perfect digital image. Most impressive is the view of the road behind you, using a 180 degree camera in the back of your helmet. Not only do you immediately see if that police cruiser clocked you speeding, you also get perfect views of blind spots.

The image produced by the camera is shown to you as a transparent picture in the corner of your visor. Meant to not distract, but to enhance your driving experience, this will big a major improvement over craning the neck behind you to see.

There is also GPS built in, turn by turn navigation and the ability to hear music and take calls when connected to a cell phone using Bluetooth. This is still a conception project, and the compatible platforms have not yet been announced.

Because of the amount of features, this is a full face helmet with closed visor. Beard wearers may not like this, especially in the summer when a helmet and beard make for a very hot face and scraggly looking whiskers. A problem which could be partially solved with a healthy application of beard oil or beard balm.

With Apple Watch being made available to order today, and Android Wear already powering a number of smart watches, the world of wearable tech keeps on growing. This helmet, with its innovative concepts, has the opportunity to make a big splash in the market among motorcycle riders.

Yet for now, you must stay with your not so smart helmet, and crane you neck to see if you are being pursued by the patrol car you just blew past.

New Motorcycle Helmet Technologies to Be on the Look Out For

As technology advances, so does the motorcycle helmet. Ultimately the rider is looking for a helmet that is lightweight yet still provides the maximum protection. And each year it looks as though reaching that goal gets closer.

Layering of the impact liner is one of the many ways in which the strength of a motorcycle helmet can be increased. Now we are seeing a progressive layering system that takes three different materials known for their usefulness in an impact and combining them precisely to afford maximum protection.


Using EPS and EPP on the inner and outer layer, a new material is being sandwiched in between. This expanded polyolefin is soft and flexible unlike the typical foam used. The result is a lighter helmet with better ventilation. Rotational energy is reduced and with the segmented construction the wearer is treated to a better fit.

Another new helmet being released is said to be using ultrasound technology in its innovative new lining materials. This has left us wondering if they have employed a series of ultrasound technicians to study the interior of the lining material in order to make it stronger. If that is the case, then going to ultrasound school will open up a whole new range of career opportunities.

Other new helmets have gone a bit crazy in their extra features. One includes built in speakers and a boomless microphone. There are plans on making it truly customized with 7 different colors to choose from, as well as 5 visor designs, 2 liners and 2 peaks.

For all the bells and whistles that a motorcycle helmet may offer, at the end of the day safety is of the upmost importance. When shopping for one of these, or any, helmets make sure that you are paying close attention to the proven safety rating.

What You Really Should Be Looking for In a Motorcycle Helmet

Hopefully these new lining materials and methods of testing will prove to be effective, but until that happens it is important that you always shop for a helmet that is made of top quality materials and fits you properly. When on, a helmet should not be able to slide around the head, and you should not be able to insert your fingers between the inner lining and your temple.

For the best results, you should be fitted when picking out a new helmet, and ask the distributor for their knowledge advice on what will be best for you.

We are excited about these new technologies, and do sincerely hope that they are making improvements in our motorcycle helmet construction. But as always, the best protection of all for your head, is to practice safe driving techniques at all times.

Which of Your Favorite Celebrities can’t Get Enough of Harley?

The love of the open road is not just for us lay men. Some of the world’s biggest names in movies, TV and music also can’t get enough of the motorcycle – especially the Harley Davidson. Here’s a look at some big names that you know who you just might run into at your next motorcycle rally sitting atop their own Harley:

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The former Terminator and Governor, (you don’t see that very often) is a big fan of Harley. He has been spotted all over California, both inside cities and on the highways, straddling his purple and silver hog.

Anthony Kiedis: Red Hot Chili Peppers front man won’t be giving his Harley away anytime. Looks like Anthony Kiedis gifted his Vespa to a Flea and made a big upgrade in his two-wheeler preferences. Look for him cruising about and taking time outs under a bridge.

Cher: The boys on bikes take hints from mega-star Cher, who has been atop a Harley in one form or another for decades. From red carpet events to shopping excursions, Cher is still turning back time and cruising around LA on two wheels.

Cher Riding Motorcycle in ParadeHugh Jackman: Making a spectacle at his Wolverine premiere was Hugh Jackman, who literally rode the red carpet on his Harley. Our only complaints about the Aussie is that he forgot his helmet, and to trim his beard beforehand. Someone buy that man a beard trimmer like the Oster Fast Feed or one of these!

George Clooney: Another star who has needed a good beard trimmer from time to time (always well groomed, he can pretty well get away with anything), George Clooney is such an avid fan of Harley that he keeps at least one at all of his homes. And that spans two continents. Wonder what his new British wife has to say about that.

Matt LeBlanc: All of his Friends may have moved on, but Matt LeBlanc can still be seen cruising the streets of LA aboard his Harley. Maybe he’s still searching for a sandwich.

Wyclef Jean: The Haitian rockstar rides a Harley that is as big as his heart. Wyclef Jean has been working his image for years to help raise money for his native country which has still not recovered completely from hurricane damage.

Tricia Helfer: Featured in a number of articles about lady bikers, Tricia Helfer is a big name in the Harley Davidson scene. The Battlestar Galactica actress has been spotted at dozens of rally’s and events aboard her own hog.

Jay Leno: Late night TV host Jay Leno is known for having an extensive collection of vintage and race cars as well as motorcycles. But you will see him most often riding astride one of his many Harley’s.

John Travolta: With an apparent unlimited number of comebacks, John Travolta takes his career in stride on top of his Harley Davidson. When being is not possible he prefers to take to the streets on his two wheels.

The look, performance and history of the Harley make it an obvious choice for celebrities who appreciate the feeling that a motorcycle brings. Next time a Harley pulls up alongside you, check carefully, it could be someone you know.

Six Things You Should Never Do While Riding Your Motorcycle

While riding a motorcycle grants you a sense of freedom like nothing else in the world, you have to be more aware of your surroundings than when driving in a car. We compiled a very somewhat serious list of things you will never want to do while you are exploring the open road.

Send Text Messages: This is actually a very serious issue for automobile drivers and should never be done while on a bike. Texting while driving has surpassed drunk driving as the number one cause of accidents in many parts of the world. This is a scary statistic, which is even scarier when you throw a small motorcycle into the mix. So do yourself a favor, invest a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for calls, and leave the texting for when you are off the bike.

Put on Your Makeup: We have all seen the lady in rush hour traffic, squinting in the rearview while trying to get her eyeliner right. Even when stopped at a red light girls, don’t take your eyes off of the road. Distracted drivers are even less likely to notice you on a bike, making it important to have your defenses up at all times.

Blog: The amazing encounter you just had in the truck stop can wait until you get home. Laptops have no business on your motorcycle, nor do tablets, notepads and any other gadget that gives you access to your blog or any other part of the internet.


Eat and Drink: This is just a dumb move from all angles. The food will fly, flies will land on your tongue and your helmet will be left a big mess. Chow down outside of the drive thru and save your self from the extra bug proteins.

Brush Your Teeth: If you stopped eating while riding you wouldn’t have to worry about brushing your teeth. Two hands on the handlebars at all times people means no using your electric toothbrush while riding. Now matter how much grit has gotten into your teeth. Not only is brushing while driving dangerous, the electric toothbrush is going to send splatters of toothpaste all over your helmet. No matter how bad your breath is, keep the electric toothbrush at home and just chew on a piece of gum.

Smoke: The iconic Easy Rider image is actually a bad move. Especially for your passengers who will get the brunt of the hot embers flying off of the end of your cigarette. Don’t smoke and ride people, it is dangerous and unhealthy.

Ride Without a Helmet: Even when you are driving the coolest Ducati, you should always be wearing a motorcycle helmet. The Easy Riders may have smoked, but they always had on a helmet, and you should too. If there is one thing that is going to save your life if doing any of the above causes you to crash, is a well made and safety tested helmet.

Unique Experiments We Have Tried With Helmets – Can You Use a Deep Fryer Wearing It?

When it comes to reviewing motorcycle helmets and the many different features they offer, our experts have put them through same rather unique tests. Safety wise, the government takes care of all that, and if it is certified safe than you already know that the crash test dummy heads have suffered for you. But they can’t tell you if it is light, or slips past your eyebrows, or excruciatingly hot. That is where we come in.

We test for those little extras that would make the helmet stand out as superior. And we have done it doing some very odd things while wearing one:

Sleep in a Helmet

It’s true, we one time spent a week sleeping in various helmets to get a different perspective on their comfort level. The end result was we needed to buy a few extra jars of coffee to get through that week. No matter who makes the helmet, or how much padding is inside, sleeping in one is never going to be comfortable.

Yeah, you won't sleep that good.

Yeah, you won’t sleep that good.

Dig Holes in One

One of our staff was planning on installing a wireless dog fence on his property and was asking around the office for help. When our office big – wig got wind, he recruited five of us to help our co-worker with the stipulation that each of us wear a different helmet during the task. Shoveling moves your back and arms in different ways, and the curiosity was to see how those unique muscle movements would be affected by the motorcycle helmet. Seemed plausible, but if you knew the boss he was just having some fun with us. We did as we were told, and did find that the design of a motorcycle helmet does not interfere with shoveling. Although it was dang hot under there.

Fry Chicken Wearing a Helmet

The heat concern is what led us to the most excruciating, and realistic helmet test. Helmets are built with ventilation to help keep the head cool, but just how much does that differ from helmet to helmet? Riding has too many variables to consider, making it a difficult way to study the effects. So it was decided that the inside of a restaurant kitchen offered a stable heat environment. And to add some fun to the task, we were to use the deep fryer machines to emulate the movements that one makes while on a bike. It was fun learning how a deep fryer works and how to cook chicken and French fries in one. It was not cool at all though, working that deep fryer while wearing a helmet. This test actually did prove that there are some brands of motorcycle helmets better equipped to handle high temperatures over others.

None of these experiments were of the “do not try this at home” category. In fact, wear your helmet the next time you are using the deep fryer at home to whip up some chicken, or try to plant your garden. Just don’t bother to sleep in your helmet, that experiment was awful.

Making Sure You Still Look Great Even When the Helmet Comes Off

The anti-motorcycle element can scream about rights all they want, but we know the real truth behind the ruckus. Guys and girls who love to ride, want to make sure they still look great when they get off their bike.

We know that even the most sophisticated Bluetooth helmet can make a mess of your locks, but if you take care before strapping it on, you will look just as good when you are ready to take it off.

It all starts with using the right hair care products. This may not be the most manly-motorcycle topic to talk about, but that is the bare bones truth. Motorcycle helmet or not, your hair is never going to look good when you are using shampoo from the 99 cent rack.  And by all means, please add some conditioner. This keeps your hair from looking dried out, no matter how long you have your motorcycle helmet on.

Now let’s talk about brushing your hair. The ladies should already have this down, but guys, unless you are sporting the jug head look you need to brush too.


Styling products should be kept to a minimum if you are planning a bike ride. Just some light hair spray to keep everything in place. Start going crazy with mousse and gels and when you do take that motorcycle helmet off you are going to look like a hot mess. Even for the ladies, if you just lightly spray your hair, brushing it when you take off your motorcycle helmet will have your locks looking just as lovely as when you put it on.

There are other personal hygiene concerns besides hair that worry motorcycle riders whether they want to admit or not. Being inside all of that leather while riding produces a lot of sweat and well… BO. To make sure that you smell clean when you get off your bike, start with a fragrant soap when you shower. Use strong deodorant but skip the cologne or perfume. The wind from the ride will make that scent dissipate long before you get to your destination.

Better than perfume are essential oils. These can be worn around the neck in an attractive essential oil diffuser necklace that keeps the scent continuous as you were it. Unlike perfumes, essential oils will not lose their concentration during the ride, making sure that you still smell fresh and clean no matter how many miles you rode. Check out some of the best ones at

Looking great should not stand in the way of staying safe while on your motorcycle. If you take care before you head out, the helmet and your ride will have nothing to do with the way you look when you arrive at your final destination.

Is Your Dog Ready for the Ride of His Life?

Motorcyclists who love their pet as much as their bike are often torn between combining the two. While you may love the feel of cool air on your face, will your beloved pet? And conversely, will your bike be able to withstand his uncertain movements. You and your dog can enjoy the open road on a bike, if you follow some safety tips.

Side Car

Your dog cannot sit side saddle on the back of your bike as much as you may want him. If your heart is set on taking him for cruises you are going to have to hinder your bike with a side car. Luckily for you there are many newer models that are cool and sleek and will not get in the way of your ride.

Your dog may not like it at first, but just like with the wireless dog fence you have in your yard, they will quickly get used to the restrictions and stay inside of the side car. Getting in the first couple of times may be a chore, but in time they will learn to love it, just like our friends over at tell us.

Motorcycle Helmets for Dogs?

Yes, you are going to want to outfit your dog with a motorcycle helmet. They are just as vulnerable as you are to a head injury if there is an accident. Again, it is going to take some getting used to, but once they begin to appreciate riding the bike with you, the tongue will come out every time they see you pick up their helmet.

How Fast Can You Go?

The side car will naturally slow you down, and make turning more difficult. Make sure that you are more cautious then normal when traveling with your dog and follow all safety precautions. You should never have him out in inclement weather as your control over the bike is already compromised.


Preventing a Dog Overboard

One concern for dog owners is the dog seeing another dog or animal and taking the initiative to jump out and go on the chase. The only way to prevent this is with harnesses or restraints similar to seatbelts. While it is unlikely that they will jump ship when you are in motion, they might if you are stopped at a traffic signal.

You can make your dog a part of your motorcycle adventures so long as you follow the right safety procedures. They will enjoy the time out of the yard, and you will get to combine your best friend with your favorite hobby.

Trading Your Bike For a Mobile – Can You Use Your Same Motorcycle Helmet?

With icy roads already a problem, many riders turn in their motorcycles for the winter. For some it is just too darn cold to race around unprotected from the wind. For others it’s just too dangerous. While your bike may not be a convenient means of transportation during the winter months, you could have some fun on a snowmobile.

Snowmobiles were originally intended as a reliable means of making it short distances for people who would get isolated after a snow storm. Their rugged structure and ski base makes them a perfect vehicle for braving both snow and icy conditions. Of course over time they also became a recreational vehicle, used by families to have fun in the winter. As their popularity grew, they became a part of winter sports events, mainly for racing.

Do You Need a Helmet?

While there are no laws about snowmobile helmets, as these are typically off road vehicles, you should still practice caution and protect your head and spine when riding a snowmobile. While snow looks like its soft enough to break a fall, ice isn’t and you never if there is an ugly rock hiding underneath.

mobileAre Motorcycle Helmets Acceptable?

Since the same basic head movements are involved with motorcycle and snowmobiling riding, a motorcycle helmet is acceptable protection when riding a snowmobile. You only may want to ensure that yours has a face guard to protect from the wind and cold.

If you typically travel with passengers, don’t forget to protect them too. There are women’s and children’s motorcycle helmets available that are specially designed to fit a smaller head. A motorcycle helmet that is too big could slide out of place and offer no protection to the passenger if you don’t make sure first that it is a good fit. Make sure you read reviews to get the absolute best helmet to protect your head, brain, and spine.

What Can Happen If I don’t Wear a Helmet When Snowmobiling?

The thing about head injury is that it is very unpredictable. Some people can hit a tree head on and walk away unscathed while others may get a concussion if you tap on the head too hard. There are too many variables to give a straight answer but the worse case scenario is death, followed by a coma or paralysis.

Head injuries also can take time to present themselves, getting worse inside of your brain as you continue to ride around on the snowmobile oblivious. Anytime you fall off of a motorcycle or snowmobile and hit your head, you should be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible, whether you had on a helmet or not.

Winter sporting events are getting ready to take off. If you are thinking about getting in on that fun with snowmobile racing, make sure that you and anyone riding with has their head protected with a proper fitting motorcycle helmet.

The Ducati

When people think of a motorcycle typically, they think of the Ducati bike. This motorcycle is widely associated with fast and furious youth. But is more then just a bike to show off with. This style of motorcycle has been around for many years. Ducati’s roots grew in Italy. But, not many people know the bikes are actually designed by a German company that also own Audi; the more you know.

Ducati also stands out for it’s engine. While most engines require oil and gas the Ducati is different. It is a dry engine and a totally different engine at that. With multiple cylinders it was designed to keep up in street races. That is the primary use of this brand. There are also several Ducati styles and they are a perfect bike for compact living as they don’t take up nearly as much space as a typical bike like a Harley Davidson. This particular brand seems to have stolen the show when it comes to a much younger generation. You can find them all over the streets around the East Coast and tend to be signs of prosperity and a symbol to show off with. One of the biggest differences with this brand is that it does not use a steel body frame anymore. The frame is now made with a lightweight carbon, cutting down on the overall cost of the bike. This bike is also simple by design because it is a simple four valve engine. A ducati may run you a pretty penny but with a simple engine, basic upkeep and classic designs some find the seventeen thousand dollar sticker worth it. The resale value on these bikes is also great. Through research it was discovered that on average a Ducati street fighter from 2010 can be close to fourteen thousand dollars new.  That is an amazing resale value. Even a very used bike can go for as high as five thousand dollars.

This bike style is associated with incredible danger though. The power of the bike, the lightweight feel of the bike; these are all reasons why more people get in accidents with this brand alone. With a little responsibility and a little awareness this motorcycle can be ridden just as safely as any other brand. It is a worthwhile investment and will bring you, the bike owner thrills for years to come.

The Bluetooth Helmet Discussed

The days of standard helmets are long gone and now everyone wants to be on the verge of cutting edge. The IS Max bluetooth helmet is one piece of equipment that really is cutting edge. According to many reviews this is a top of the line helmet. The best part about it is the ability to take calls from inside the helmet handsfree while on your bike, because, well, it is rather hard to take a regular phone call while on a motorcycle. This is great for those moments when you are stuck in traffic on your bike but still have to take care of business. Many say this helmet is very reliable for that one feature. A few seemed to have an issue with voice clarity but a product will never be perfect. Many also complimented the clarity through the shield. Having flawless visuals are important when on a motorcycle. A lot of folks also pointed out great the flip button was allowing easy air flow with this helmet.

Technology and innovation have truly come a long way. Now, you can remove the inside of the helmet and keep it clean. Which of course is always important if you are riding in a hot environment and tend to sweat a lot. This helmet also meets national transportation standards for safety. While it may seem rather pricey it seems to be average in comparison to many helmets that are on the market. This super lightweight helmet also comes in a few different colors so you don’t need to stick to just plain old black. Spice up your outfit with a bright red and even space grey helmet. One more thing, many people who purchased the helmet and continue to use it seem to have one thing in common. They all love how light this helmet feels, the durability and the practicality. Many people also noted that the visor provided enough protection that sunglasses were not needed. That is great, as sunglasses can actually get in the way when trying to lock a helmet. A helmet can not provide safety if it is not doing its job the right way. If you are looking for an affordable piece of equipment this may just be it.  Look good, be safe and multi-task with this one of a kind piece of equipment.